The Basement Social Wet Bar

Why limit your basement to a disorganized storage facility? Basements are typically among the largest rooms in a house, giving them the potential to be redesigned in a variety of ways. Many homeowners like the idea of having a place where they can entertain their friends beyond their living room. The building of a basement bar is a simple, yet stylish way to add a little flair to your home incorporating another great social hangout.

At Basement Finishing Design Service, we specialize in taking ordinary basements and turning them into extraordinary spaces. Most basements are simply unfinished rooms. Such open space allows us the ability to truly be creative. Any basement bar with at least one mini fridge is a pure convenience eliminating the need to run up the stairs and back down just for a cold beverage. Even if the bar is not a wet bar having a sink. Maybe the bar is a snack bar or a kitchenette style and you want to cook too and or have a microwave to make that movie popcorn with. Some basement bars are called dry bars having not plumbing. Basement Bars typically are well know for gathering many for conversations (the kitchen upstairs does this too) and it’s best to have stools wrapped around it and mount a TV monitor somewhere since in most cases, you can’t design a bar of any type to also accommodate the viewing of a larger screen TV. Many would have their backs to it in other words. By working closely with our customers, we strive to create a welcoming and functional environment that blends with the rest of the existing home design.

The extent of the transformation fitting a bar in depends entirely on the space available. In many cases, we can design home theaters or include pool tables or dart boards and other game tables including enough space for whatever type of bar you desire transforming your once drab basement into your favorite room in the house. Our 35 years of experience in the building trades guarantees that we will provide you with the optimal design based on the space and your input.

Customer feedback is an important part of our design process. Our goal is to take our customer’s dreams and turn them into a reality. To that end, we use some of the latest technology available, such as our 3D design software. This allows us to create virtual replicas of our designs and present them to our customers until they are completely satisfied with the design before any construction has even taken place and adding a basement bar is no exception.

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A FYI note from John Browning, Basement Designer;

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