In most homes, the basement is the least appealing room. An unfinished space that usually serves as storage, yet basements nevertheless hold infinite potential. Beyond simple basement decorating, a redesign can actually transform the empty space into an appealing addition, whether as a bar, home theater, game room or lounging area.

The key to transforming your basement lies in the actual design. With over a quarter century of experience in the building trades, we at Basement Finishing Design Service are among the leading basement designers in the industry. We listen closely to our customers’ needs and their basement decorating ideas and strive to integrate them into the designs we provide. The design cost is a fraction of what is charged by other professionals who don’t have the combined knowledge we have regarding basement finishing design service. We’re proud to say we know basements very well!

Many homeowners would love the idea of building an addition to their home. Unfortunately, this can be a costly endeavor. Why add onto your existing home when you can simply transform the space you already have? Considering that most basements are among the largest rooms in a home, the design possibilities are endless.

A basement redesign isn’t limited to a little redecorating. At Basement Finishing Design Service, the basements we redesign exhibit complete transformations. We take great care to ensure that the final product will coordinate with the existing design in the rest of the home, to create a beautiful and unified look. Our goal is simple: to take your existing basement and transform it into one of the most pleasant rooms in your home.

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A FYI note from John Browning, Basement Designer;

Having been in construction for over 35 years has allowed me much knowledge of all areas of the building trades. Below on the right sidebar are different topics about basement design and how to use the space. If I have not covered a topic you have in mind feel free to email me and ask me any question about any type construction project. You may also retain me for consultation and more detailed construction advice and or plan review of you existing plan or project even if it’s to check for errors. Remember; I can do any type of design concept needed or redesign what you already have and no matter where your project may be all through my proven design by email process. Please contact me today for a free quote to provide you with a professional design.

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