Most people think very little about their basement or if they think about, they are short of basement design ideas and won’t bother with it. Nevertheless, with the right basement design ideas, these typically dingy rooms can be transformed into comfortable spaces. From a playroom for children, an entertainment area with a private bar for adults to relax; the space offered by most basements allows for almost any design to come to life using the right basement design ideas.

For over 3 decades now, we at Basement Finishing Design Service have been offering some of the most original and innovative basement design ideas in the industry. As experts in the field, we believe in working closely with our clients in order to create the exact rooms and features they imagined. Our designs do not look like basements that have been simply “dressed up” or decorated–they are entirely new rooms that fit within the existing design of the house.

Thanks to recent technologies, it is now possible to actually see a design in three dimensions before it is built. By using 3D design software, we are capable of taking our sketches and bringing them to life through advanced 3-D imaging. This allows us to get a better concept of the space and make any necessary adjustments that may have been overlooked if only traditional designing tools had been used. Our subcontractors work off these 3-D images to avoid errors and keep the project in line with the way the client expects it to look. What could be more proficient?

It is sometimes difficult to visualize one’s basement transformed into a comfortable room. To that end, we have a number of before and after pictures available on our website for reference. We believe that our skill lies in our attention to detail. Prior to any job, we always take the time to thoroughly study the location. This allows us to optimize our designs and create a basement that is like no other.

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A FYI note from John Browning, Basement Designer;

Having been in construction for over 35 years has allowed me much knowledge of all areas of the building trades. Below on the right sidebar are different topics about basement design and how to use the space. If I have not covered a topic you have in mind feel free to email me and ask me any question about any type construction project. You may also retain me for consultation and more detailed construction advice and or plan review of you existing plan or project even if it’s to check for errors. Remember; I can do any type of design concept needed or redesign what you already have and no matter where your project may be all through my proven design by email process. Please contact me today for a free quote to provide you with a professional design.

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