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When most people count the number of rooms in their home, they usually forget to include their basement and a basement design was not considered. Typically used as a convenient storage room, basements represent an incredible waste of space. In fact, with a little redesign, a basement design provides the transformation of the unused space into an additional room or many different rooms and open spaces suiting your needs and desires, with all the comforts found in the rest of the home.

Redesigning a basement isn’t limited to a new coat of paint and some furniture. Although such basic additions can make the space a little more livable, basement design can be taken quite a few steps further. At Basement Finishing Design Service we specialize in transforming basements into bars, home theaters, game rooms, playrooms, entertainment space, workout rooms or simply into an additional living space with an additional bedroom  and bath.

In many cases, the layout of a basement can be a problem when it comes to a redesign. Fortunately, with over 35 years of experience designing all types of projects, we are capable of looking at any situation and finding a solution. Our 3D design software also allows us to visualize our designs and share them with our clients before they begin the actually cost of construction. Good planning pays off in the end and just by having a perfect basement design first and well thought out, you’ll save more than just money with a master basement design, you save on big headaches as well.

Although a lot of our business had been focused on the Colorado area, we have been providing our design services across the country for over a decade and all through email. The Internet has made our design process more fluid and allowed us to remain in close contact with our clients, no matter their location. Once we have many quality photos, a wish list and sketch/plan with measurements needed, we focus on creating the perfect basement design based on the input from our clients. When they are satisfied after working with possibly many different layouts to choice from, we email them the completed yet scaled plans on perfect PDF files, in addition to a number of useful 3D graphic views of the project. To see what we can do for you just contact your personal designer, John Browning and he does encourage you to check out his reviews and testimonials on Houzz.

Please feel free to read many of the great reviews using this link at Houzz; and or merely write me to request over 250 current references you may contact! You’ll find out; they just loved using my services and it’s all due to my providing 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

A FYI note from John Browning, Basement Designer;

Having been in construction for over 35 years has allowed me much knowledge of all areas of the building trades. Below on the right sidebar are different topics about basement design and how to use the space. If I have not covered a topic you have in mind feel free to email me and ask me any question about any type construction project. You may also retain me for consultation and more detailed construction advice and or plan review of you existing plan or project even if it’s to check for errors. Remember; I can do any type of design concept needed or redesign what you already have and no matter where your project may be all through my proven design by email process. Please contact me today for a free quote to provide you with a professional design.

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