In many homes, the basement is one of the largest rooms in the house. The basement is also one of the most overlooked spaces. Traditionally used as a storage location, most homeowners waste the extra space provided by their basement. At Basement Finishing Design Services, we specialize in transforming this unused space into a functional and beautiful extra room.

When we speak about transforming your basement, we don’t simply mean a mild improvement. Instead, we work closely with each of our customers, creating an entirely new environment. Whether you want a game room, bar, home theater or simply an additional room in which to lounge, depending on the space, nothing is out of reach.

With over 35years of experience in the building industry, we use the latest technologies to design and visualize our projects. Our 3D design software allows us to create a virtual mock-up of the final result, to which any fine-tuning can be done. This permits our customers to actually look at their new basement before any work is done!

Although the majority of our work is done within the Colorado area, we are capable of providing our basement design services across the United States. To learn more about our unique services at Basement Finishing Design Service, simply contact us and provide us with a number of crucial measurements of the space you need redesigned. We will stay in constant communication while the design is being completed and will send you the final design via mail at no extra cost to you.

Please feel free to read many of the great reviews using this link at Houzz; and or merely write me to request over 250 current references you may contact! You’ll find out; they just loved using my services and it’s all due to my providing 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.


FYI: Having been in construction for over 35 years has allowed me much knowledge of all areas of the building trades. Below on the right sidebar are different topics about basement design and how to use the space. If I have not covered a topic you have in mind feel free to email me and ask me any question about any type construction project. You may also retain me for consultation and more detailed construction advice and or plan review of you existing plan or project even if it’s to check for errors. Remember; I can do any type of design concept needed or redesign what you already have and no matter where your project may be all through my proven design by email process.

Please contact me today for a free quote to provide you with a professional design.

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