Considering the amount of space offered by most basements, it’s no surprise that most homeowners have a myriad of basement finishing ideas. Traditionally basements are a “forgotten room”, a place where items can be stored, much like an attic and in many cases, this stuff you’re collecting is not really needed any longer and maybe a garage sale is in order. Nevertheless, with some creativity, basements can easily be redesigned into almost any type of space: from an enjoyable basement game room or area to a wet bar with an inviting living space which could even include a comfy home theater area or private room too.

Why continue to waste your basement space and keep your basement finishing ideas bottled up? As our name implies, at Basement Finishing Design Service we focus on transforming basements into beautiful spaces that complement the rest of your home. The design will match the existing home and will not look like a basement. We can take your ideas and turn them into a reality. Furthermore, our experienced designer can even offer suggestions and ideas you may have never even thought possible.

Creativity and innovation are two of our primary focuses. With over 35 years of experience in the field, we have learned the importance of having a solid design prior to starting any construction. To that end, we place a strong emphasis on the design period of every assignment. Using the latest design tools, we work closely with all of our customers–going back and forth until we finalize the right design for their needs.

Redesigning a basement encompasses a number of important considerations and you need John Browning, his clever skills to accomplish a professional design that has a basement game room that truly works. Many copy cat designers know little of space planning and make simple mistakes such as not allowing cue sticks to work without hitting walls for example. A successful redesign doesn’t just mean hiding a few pipes, ducts, beams, tossing up basic walls and throwing on a coat of new paint. At Basement Finishing Design Services our designs work with the individual space and it’s guaranteed 100% in your new design. Our goal is simple: by the end of the construction your basement will no longer look like just a basement that got finished, it will become the room you had always hoped and dreamed for.

An FYI note from John Browning, Basement Designer;

Having been in construction for over 35 years has allowed me much knowledge of all areas of the building trades. Below on the right sidebar are different topics about basement design and how to use the space. If I have not covered a topic you have in mind feel free to email me and ask me any question about any type construction project. You may also retain me for consultation and more detailed construction advice and or plan review of you existing plan or project even if it’s to check for errors. Remember; I can do any type of design concept needed or redesign what you already have and no matter where your project may be all through my proven design by email process. Please contact me today for a free quote to provide you with a professional design.

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