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The First on the WEB to offer this service! Don’t be fouled by those now on the internet having little or no experience at this. If anyone claims they can provide a well thought out plan in less than a few days, it will be a thoughtless design!

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   Basement Designs starting at just 35 cents per square foot based on the finished area only (not unfinished areas) and how complicated your design needs are. Use it for all your quotes to be apples to apples and of course for permitting the project.

Basement Design In 3D CAD Graphics FloorPlan1

 Basement Design In 3D Graphics starts with a design as shown in the above basement floor plan all created on CAD and shows all detail from a well thought out Basement Design. Images are easily produced once a plan is created on the CAD software. There’s no better way to see what everything will look like before it’s built and with a Basement Design In 3D its easy for subcontractors to visualize and understand what you expect you project to turn out like and most of all, how to build your basement or project. Not only will I match your existing home architecturally in style but I’ll design it to your satisfaction 100% guaranteed.  NOTE: Detailed information from a plan is needed for permitting and of course detailed pricing as well.

Are you looking for a blueprint type of plan? Well this plan format is my own copyrighted template used for over a decade now and for a very good reason. I have learned over the years that most subcontractors doing the work on your home never went to architect school to learn how to read a blueprint, so I came up with this proven way to reduce error in the building process and this plan from the Basement Design In 3D Graphics can be produced on blue line if need be just by printing on vellum paper first but who want’s to work from an old fashion blueprint that is hard to read? My plans are simple to read as I use a full color coded system with legends indicating what work needs to be done and where for each subcontractor, all on one plan.

In addition, it is in fact the best way to get apples to apples bids from your local contractor because they all have to bid from the same well thought out Basement Design and many 3d Graphic views of the interior. By the way; if anyone ever offers you a free design, remember always “that you get what you pay for”! I work with you until we have a plan your are 100% satisfied with. Click here to find out “how it works“..


This Basement Design In 3D image above is taken from the CAD drawing software, shot from the doorway inside the home theater room.  Here in Denver as well in other places in the USA, it’s best to give these images to your subcontractors along with the master plan so they are without excuses of what you’ll expect the job concept and overall design appearance is to look like. Make note: maybe framers build by ear sort to speak and without these images, you may not get what you paid for.


You may see from the basement design3D graphics image above this photo taken from the final project, that the job turns out as planned. And my motto is “IT’S ALL IN THE PLAN“. All CAD software has some limitations but this useful tool gives us a good scaled from the plan concept of what’s to be.  


This image above is an overview of the above basement floor plan at the top of the page also known as a dollhouse view of the basement. You may agree, it would be nice to know what the new basement may look like before you spend the money building your finished basement.

Below is an example of what I’d be sending to you as we work together to achieve a master plan for your living space. This was a design level “D” basement design and you can see allot of detail on CAD in the plan.

Basement Design on CAD
Dollhouse View Overview
Basement Designs By John Browning

You’ll receive this type of PDF portfolio showing these basement design in 3D graphic views and basement plan also each and every time we update your plan and or change your pre-planning layouts and without additional cost all during the design process. Once again, it’s nice to see your design this way before you spend your hard earn money to build it and you’ll know what it looks like in concept yet scaled.


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