Drop Or Suspended Ceilings VS Drywall

As I may have mentioned, I don’t suggest suspended or drop ceilings/ceiling tiles in basements for many reasons. One good one is that you’ll lose value to your home. Ask any realtor; they should tell you that buyers prefer drywall ceilings in the basement to match the upstairs! Here in Denver and many other parts of the country we’ve learned that there’s no reason to have access to anything if the home was built right and is insulated right and nothing is leaking. Access to shut off valves and such can be moved to unfinished areas or you can install these new plastic access plugs that are 4-6 inches and clip into a drywall opening you make making it a clean look. Saddle valves for icemakers upstairs should be relocated to an unfinished area such as the furnace room for example. If you’re worried about running wires at a later date, this should just be roughed in now with all planning in place. Dropped ceilings make the space feel more closed in as the ceilings are a bit lower then they need to be and can look like more of a mobile home or office and not like your home in any way. Drywall is cheap to install, repair and bottom line, just looks a lot better.

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