Why Finish The Basement

Is your basement a storage room?


Why Finish The Basement and limit your basement to a disorganized storage facility? Basements are typically among the largest rooms in a house, giving them the potential to be redesigned in a variety of ways. Many homeowners like the idea of having a place where they can entertain their friends beyond their living room and or maybe need a place for the kids to play when the weather is bad outside or maybe you need a quest bedroom or in-law space. Why Finish the Basement? Well, just maybe you can’t stand that teenagers room on the same floor as yours any longer. Who knows what you need but I’ve seen it all and I have done things you wouldn’t believe I’ve been asked to do.



Old photo of Garcia’s basement Broomfield, CO; 2001

One design I recall; I was asked to make an environmentally controlled room for 36 pet snakes. Yeah I’m not kidding, real live snakes and it turned out great, I just didn’t stick around to help him feed them.  I once deigned a hockey room so the kids could practice every day after school in and one other time in band camp, ops…. I mean one time I designed a basement with a soda fountain shown above just for my clients 13 grandchildren to enjoy. Why Finish The Basement? He didn’t need to use this space for any other reason but those kids. The building of a basement from the final design is made simple when using my email protocol to design it the right way and at your pace, not mine. You can see how fun and easy this design process works at this link; Basement Design Cost and How It Works

At Basement Finishing & Design Service, I specialize in taking ordinary basements and turning them into extraordinary spaces. Most basements are simply unfinished rooms and in my opinion are the left over’s of what the builder of the home decided things should go. Like where the furnace ended up and why the stairway is where it is along with all the ducts, post, pipes and wires too. Remember this; the basement wasn’t designed around the nice floor plan upstairs, the basement was put there to house the utilities, drains, pipes, where the stairs ended up and everything else you see down there. Yes, they may have put some windows in it but that was to make the home look architecturally correct from the exterior side in most cases and possibly a little thought was made that someone might want to finish it since many of the 2000 plus basements I’ve been in have the duct work installed close to a beam. Since I do this service nationally, I see the small windows in basements back east mostly and these can be changed to legal egress windows in case you didn’t think spaces like these could be used as well. In short; such unfinished space now being used as storage for many things you need no longer, is very useful space and you should allow me to use my creative ability to truly be innovative in not just fixing issues but in turning that space into something wonderful and enjoyable. By working closely with my clients, I strive to create a welcoming and functional environment that blends with the rest of the existing home design and if you’re not happy with the existing home design, I can change that too. I can design just about anything; additions, kitchens, Sunroom and even whole houses. Just ask me! Maybe I can make you a unique man cave that totally clashes with the upstairs if that’s what you request.

The extent of the Basement transformation depends entirely on; space available, age of home, obstacles & obstructions, ceiling height, overall complications and other factors but I’m a problem solver and I have not found one basement I can’t turn into a beautiful living space that’s inviting as well. I’ve done basements in homes aging back over a 100 years with old brick foundations. I love a challenge, bring it on! In many cases, I like to design in a way that will correct many issues that can cause a design not to work well such as my method for getting a higher ceiling height or expanding finished space into a crawl space area. If you thinking of just finishing part of it, I also believe in designing a master plan you can expand into. This includes anything upstairs that you’re not happy with. You have no idea how many times I’ve performed miracles to basements through my study of the existing space thus transforming your once drab basement into your favorite room in the house. My 35 plus years of experience in the building trades guarantees that I will provide you with the optimal design based on the space and your desires ensuring it really can be built per the plan due to this knowledge and not just look pretty on paper. Many designers are only book smart lacking this natural gifted knack and the true hands on experience to ensure the plan will work!

Customer feedback is an important part of our design process and I do this all through email. My goal is to take our customer’s dreams and turn them into a reality. To that end, I use some of the latest technology available, such as the 3D design software. This allows me to create virtual replicas from any area of our designs in PDF views as if you are standing there looking at it and with each plan revision we work on, I continue to present these views to my clients until they are completely satisfied with the entire design and before any construction has even taken place.

In short, if the basement was finished with a professional plan and an Egress window is installed or walkout door; this becomes legal living space and will add more value to your home, even in this poor economy. Why Finish The Basement? In any event, it adds more space to stretch out in and have fun entertaining with.

So for now; if you care to clean out your basement and then contact me (I’m not helping you clean the basement) at Basement Finishing & Design Service you can do that from here and send me a request for a free design cost. I’d love to show you what I can do with that dust collecting storage room you call a basement.

Thanks for reading my first blog it sure is time consuming but feel free to leave a comment or questions! Just contact me!

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