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You’re about to find out how to get a finished basement design by a professional basement designer simply by following a 14 year old proven “basement design by email” protocol and saving you allot of money!  Just read my Houzz reviews!    Then Contact Me

I’ll provide for you a beautiful high quality (very detailed) Basement Design you can build from for your basement finishing project, get quotes from and pull permits with at a cost lower than you’d expect just by using my proven basement design by email protocol to do your basement layout! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! All final designs include full electrical & lighting, plumbing and much more. The professional plan I create for you is highly detailed to build it right the first time without error and no costly rework saving you lots of money and they’re so easy to read. My plans always include the current ICC IRC codes and these highly detailed plans are used to not just get quotes with but to pull permits with as well. Please read on to find out how easy this design by email process is and how it works!

Any Basement Cleverly Designed will NOT look like A Basement typically does.

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Professionally Designing Basements or Any Home Improvement Project Design, Since 1982 “The 1st On The Internet Offering Basement Designs By Email Since 2001”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m John M. Browning with Basement Finishing Design Service, a home improvement expert and design professional with over 35 years experience in the building trades.  I specialize in creating interior design concepts (not decorating), space planning, functionality of space and space problem solving. Are you looking for the “WOW” factor or just a simple design? I’m considered very talented in many areas as you’ll soon see as well using many endless basement ideas I’ll provide. Imagine what I must know! I’ve designed more than 2500 basements in the last 18 years. Yes, I am an expert!


Having over 100k hours using CAD design software makes this design service very affordable too and it’s easy to provide this service to anyone, anywhere, for any budget, just by sending in your measurements and photos via email. You’ll save money big time if you don’t mind doing a little foot work versus having a guy come to your home and charge for his or her travel time and time spent in your home measuring and taking photos. There’s no cost to you to find out how much the design will cost, so get a free quote from me today. Read more……….. 

35 Plus Years of Design and Construction Experience Shows
Before I produce a Basement Design, I make an extensive study of the entire basement space as shown below (1st photo existing space). Please click on image below to enlarge in slideshow! 
The 2nd image is a 3D CAD view (The Design) from the final design. At the bottom of the steps, notice that the support post holding the I-beam is now the center of the two archways and the existing stairway walls and door (3rd image During Construction) are removed as shown under construction framing.

The Final Product (last image with olive green walls) shows off the magic I create for you! Considering all that you desire in your new space, your project, once designed, it will be built “AS PER PLAN” with no mistakes or costly rework. Merely compare design image above with the final image.

It’s really “ALL IN THE PLAN”

Note the dates of the above images; yes, over 14 years ago! FYI; I’ve been doing basement design as well as other project designs even before this, dating way back to 1982.


May I create an illusion for you too?

Having over 100,000 hours on the CAD software, with over 2000 designs under my belt, backed by over 35 years in construction speaks for itself and  almost anything is possible, any project not just basement designing. Using a countless supply of my great basement ideas over the years, I’ve even been well known to relocate those support post and beams, convert crawl spaces into a finished basement, add windows and even lowering a floor to create more head room not to mentioned making an average basement become a walkout basement with exterior stairs. You could just about name your desire, I can do it and basements are not all I can do for you; it’s just the ongoing demand on me. Need an addition to the home or a redesign to bring your current older home up to date? No master suite or it’s too small? Need a larger functional kitchen or bigger closets? Tired of the laundry being in the basement? I can help you! Maybe you have a plan and would like to consult with me and or review your plan, check for errors and provide advice with corrections or any basement finishing question you have.  Just ask if I can do it.

“Good Planning pays off in the end”

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• Finished Basement Design • Additions & Sunrooms • Kitchens & Baths (Certified Kitchen Designer) • New House Design Concept (Any Size) • Redesign Existing House (Update & Improve Space) • New Basement Foundation Layout • Plan Review of Your Current Design or House Plan • Basement Finishing or Any Construction or Planning Consultation (Hourly Rate) • Home Improvement Expert At Your Service

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It really is, “All in the Plan“.

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